how to make glitter glasses smooth

I bought some mugs to do this with my daughter as holiday gifts. So far I have used a few of them for a 30th birthday lunch. Where can I find information on the curing method? I think you should be fine :). Can you believe it! You need to cure your glasses one of the two ways listed. If you don't have a Michael's near you, they are also sold online here for $3.49 a bottle: Hi Sasha! Can you email me a picture of your glasses so I can instruct you further?? I have the pouncer and the martha stewart craft paint. Jen | SomethingTurquoise Gina Marie Barbieri I decided to try this for my Bridesmaids to use during my September wedding reception. Such a sweet comment!! Maybe I just got a 'bad' bottle of paint; with not enough glitter. Who doesn’t love a bit (or a lot) of glitter. I'm going to make these as favors for my small wedding next month. My friend and I followed your directions and used the same paints. If you want the look for the wedding it's one thing - making guys happy with glitter paint is another! Thank you for sharing. I have been washing and using mine for over a year now and they are still fabulous. Since I wanted a really bold monogram square, I used three coats of paint, with an hour of drying time in between each coat. I only hope they continue to hold up! Hi Danielle! Thank you! February 29, 2012. LOL, Jen | SomethingTurquoise July 20, 2012, Hi Ashley! My favorite thing about Martha's new line of craft paints is that it's truly 'multi-surface', and can be oven-cured on glass to become dishwasher safe. You might want to look for stickers at a scrapbooking store, or in the scrapbooking section at Michaels. The microwave shouldn't effect the paint... we'd love to see your pics! Hi Lynn, I'm sorry your having troubles with this project. I am now trying to figure out even more reasons to make more of these glasses, might just do some for each holiday! And add the perfect sparkle to craft projects!! I did this with a domed cake stand for my kitchen! ); That's so cool! I tried this on mason jars for my wedding party and followed your directions exactly. Updated August 18, 2020. I plan to use window decals to personalize underneath the base and will need to handle them before Saturday to do that part. Holy $%#@!! Do you have any ideas for how I can make these more "manly" for the male guests? I am doing mine with wine glasses simply because I had some extra ones with I was buying glassware for the wedding. My biggest concern was whether or not the glass glitter would be sharp. I would only put like 8-10 glasses per sheet because otherwise it might be difficult to take them in and out - we don't want them falling all over the oven. Allow to dry and repeat the glittering process if necessary (some decals will need 2 coats of glitter to completely cover). I am going to make these as birthday gifts for my friends. One question, not sure if you will be able to answer: Do you have to oven cure them right after the paint dries or is it alright to let them dry for 24 hours then oven cure them? It made me want to share some Christmas in July inspiration too, so I went down to my storage room to get some vintage ornaments. Could I put them in the oven about week after I painted them? And they won't crack in the oven? When the paint is partially dry, remove the tape – you can even softly run an Exacto knife along your design and the tape for perfect tape removal. Did you use a certain type of letter sticker? May 11, 2020 - Explore Gina Rogers's board "Glitter glass ideas" on Pinterest. December 3, 2012. Hi Brittany! As I was carrying the ornaments upstairs, they started rolling around, two of them fell to the floor and shattered!I was a little disappointed for a moment, but then had the best idea! Sorry, if you want these to pretty glasses to last you must wait 21 days! Thank you. Thank you so much for being experimental and doing this combo! Add the bubbly and you are done! It's so odd - but when I use the foam brush - the paint gets all foamy (I can even scrape off foam from my brush)- and then when it drys it looks like there are spots of "bubbles" and like it could just chip off. I don't know what the problem would be, I've baked a few batches and they are totally fine... and no one has mentioned any problems at all. The other day I tried it with really thin stickers and I very gently pulled the stickers off before the paint dried completely and it was much better - you just have to be very careful when pulling the stickers off that you don't smudge your paint. Hi there, I'm a boudoir photographer and I'm thinking about creating some of these as gifts for my clients. I may have missed it, but how do you cure these glasses? The top of the glass that had less glitter- first I couldn't get the top border even and didn't like how visible the circles from the pounces were, and then the less glitter the more you can see the rest of the paint which seemed to dry funny and left the glass looking more dirty in that area. I can't wait to see what my finished product looks like. Jan 23, 2017 - Tips and Tricks explaining how to epoxy your glitter tumbler You might even want to softly slide an Exacto knife along the edge of your design and the tape to make a clean brake. I would love to see what you do with your glass glitter! What a great idea! Blog link list, This is the best thing I have stumbled upon! You are completely right - that is a new addition to the bottle and I'm updating the post right now, thanks for the reminder! November 16, 2011, Thanks! I love these! - YouTube thanks Jen. ... All of the glitter is enclosed in a smooth as glass, FDA Compliant sealant. The new glass is on the left, and the vintage glass is on the right. but the light frosted color was not very forgiving: i am working on decorating mason jars for my brother's wedding favors :) and my sister in law to be want sparkles ! My finished pictures are on my blog, with a link back to you here for the instructions!! Here is a link to an image of one of the glasses! Yeah Dana! Turn to 350* and set the timer for 30 minutes, turn the oven off and let the glasses cool down inside the oven completely. This is one of the ways that we can continue to keep our fab content flowing and free! I love them!!!! Where did you buy the Martha Stewart glitter paint? These fun and unique wine glasses are painted by hand. I like you instructions better because it's safer. Jen | Something Turquoise Although, the glass is VERY sharp before you crush it, the finished product is soft and smooth. You might be a little critical of yourself! ), Jen | Something Turquoise August 17, 2012. Since we are using the Martha Stewart Craft Paint, after these glasses cure… they are dishwasher safe. Send me a picture of your project when your finished :), This is the coolest thing ever I found this yesterday and went to micheals and bought everything and just finished one glass but not sure if I did it right cause I couldn't find the same sponge u used, Jen | SomethingTurquoise Beautiful glasses! Notify me of follow-up comments by email. For this specific project I am ONLY recommending the Martha Stewarts Glitter Paint within her new line of craft paint - as pictured. As with all our DIY tutorials, if you create one of our projects please send us a picture – We Love Seeing Your Creativity! Check out where I have linked this project…. So you can use cheap Ikea glasses for this? None of the paint came off. Jen | SomethingTurquoise If you feel you are getting a large lump of glitter you can dab it towards the area that needs to be filled in. Sep 1, 2018 - Explore Renee Mourer's board "Tumblers with Glitter" on Pinterest. I made mine last night. There are so many lovely posts going around right now, sharing beautiful Christmas ideas. January 20, 2013, Hi Christine, if you put a sticker on your glass it will not withstand the oven or dishwashing. You can make your own glass glitter! Any foam type brush used in a 'pouncing' motion will work just fine. I did it on a wine glass and it looks super cool when there wine in the glass. I googled and found this wonderful idea. I don’t do xmas anymore but I still have all my decorations. As you crush the glass over and over, the edges are softened, even to the point that I ran my fingers through the freshly crushed glass glitter several times, and never felt a slight poke. Thoroughly rub an alcohol-soaked cotton ball around the outside of the glass. Just finished making these for my bridesmaids! What stickers did you use for the monogram style? Those won't need to be cured though, right? But when held upright, the paint looks spotty. Did the glitter paint stay intact? October 30, 2012. Hi Melissa! Hi Angel! I understand that the glitter is suspended in a transparent 'paint', so was surprised when the paint looked cloudy when I applied it. I'm going to keep the gold glass, since it looks great hanging upside down on the wine glass rack :) As for the 24 hour drying time, I'm not sure what happens... as I've never tried it. I LOVE these glasses, thank you for posting! Wash the item in the sink using soap and warm water. Hello. Personalized Monogram Glass. Use glitter on almost the entire glass, leaving a stripe on the top for easy sipping. When the last coat of glitter is dry, paint a final coat of … The step by step instructions were perfect and the flutes turned out great! Good Luck! My question is this- Instead of using the letter sticker for the monogram could you use the outline of the sticker and paint the actual letter onto the glass? Jen | Something Turquoise I carefully picked up all the little pieces, and put them in a plastic bag.Make sure to break the tops off and discard those pieces. When in doubt, I always give it a try, because you just never know. Appreciate any input. When the wine glass is hanging upside down, it looks really great. Can't wait to try it!!! I just wanted to say thanks for all of the advice. The gold however, I think is best for a champagne glass. Hi! I tried going around the letters with a knife and even a needle but there was no saving it! Jen | Something Turquoise Thanks again! December 3, 2012, Hi Anne! Guess what!?! March 4, 2012, Not for this exact tutorial - I'm a huge Martha fan :). March 26, 2012. Grab a glitter nail polish of your choice and shake it for a few seconds until smooth. Great idea... send us a picture of the outcome!!! Hi Maddie! The ones ive been trying out don't stick once i put one coat of the glitter paint on. If the item can't get wet (i.e. I understand the Oven Curing method, but is it necessary to put a clear coat over it so the glitter does not come off on hands or chip off? Roll it in the glitter, and then place it to the side while working on the other shot glasses. Hope this helps. January 18, 2012. I was wondering if you can use Martha's non glitter paints, let them dry and then top them with the glitter paint for a more solid effect. Or should I only do them two at a time? Also, does it matter how you put them on the cookie sheet (ie standing up normally on it's base, or upside down? You are actually supposed to let them dry for 24 hours before oven curing! I will definitely be making some champagne glasses for my bridal party next year. Let dry a few seconds. If any edges pull up – push them right back down. The gold paint I used is from Martha Stewarts line of multi-surface craft paint. Glitter around the base of the stem for a more subtle glitter glass. Hi Jen, Just found you off of Pinterest!!! Oh, you had me at glitter and now I’m having a trillion ideas of what I can do with it! February 28, 2012. The gradual warm and cool … Plastic would be more of a one time use kind of thing. I was wondering if anyone had tried mixing the gold design with the monogram design and if they had how it looked. I plan on using this idea for my wedding center pieces. Sadly, that's not the case. I’m so excited about this project. MS just came out with a brand new paint exclusively for glass which I will be trying out and posting about - maybe these issues will be solved with the new paint! Glittered wine glasses. I'm sorry you seam to be having trouble. Jen | Something Turquoise My stickers in the example are from a large scrapbooking company called Basic Grey. Glitter can be applied to glass but unless it's done correctly, the glue and glitter will simply peel off. I chose Turquoise as the color. I was thinking about doing this as a gift to her and the other girls. I felt like they may break or blow up or something haha but it was fine! Ooops! Can you believe it! Would they work/cure the same way? Jen | SomethingTurquoise Give it another try and make sure to do thin layers of paint and let them dry for at least an hour in between each coat. You see crafty things like this all over Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Jen | SomethingTurquoise I've purchased champagne glasses from dollar tree and had them etched with my bridesmaids name. I rolled it over and over.Keep rolling the bag of glass, with your rolling pin, until you get the consistency you want. I don't think so, but i wanted someone else's opinion, but do you guys think that a green glitter on the glasses is too girly? Custom High End Tumblers & More by BearTrendzDesigns on Etsy. it looks like a sponge but i wanted to make sure. This is some good advice. Use painter's tape if you want straight lines, or stencils/stickers if … Try it again... making sure that you add thin layers of paint - all drying at least an hour before the next coat, and if glitter clumps in one area - do your best to push in around evenly with your pouncer. Well anyway....Thanks again. Jen | SomethingTurquoise I thought this would be fun for a 60th birthday party but would need to do about 50 of them and cost wise plastic would be far better than glass. You might end up with something really cool!! Can't wait to see how they all turn out!! Send me pictures of the party if you have a chance :). Most of the time that means one of two things; either the surface of the glass wasn't clean enough or your paint was way to thick. I am making a modified version of your "will you be my bridesmaid" box and made these to put in! Try to dab your glasses as evenly as possible. Required fields are marked *. Make sure to find a coupon for the store you are buying the paint from - every little savings adds up! June 15, 2012. Since of course I wanted a more dimensional turquoise glitter paint, I mixed both blue and green together. First, I don't recommend using electrical tape - blue painters tape would work much better or the stencil tape that I use in my tutorial. November 29, 2011. Using a paint brush, apply the adhesive to the portion of the wine glass where you want the glitter. Since the paint should be kept away from where you will sip your drink, I chose to start this design about 3/4″ below the rim. I will post pics after they are done in the oven. Your tutorial was wonderful!! I'm really not sure, I haven't had this problem. I can't wait to try these and hopefully use them in our September wedding. The instructions that I came across was to use mod podge. Love this idea! It doesn't sound like you did anything wrong, possibly the paint was bad. Jen | Something Turquoise I recently made 50 champagne glasses for our wedding in a couple of weeks...and I oven-cured them, not knowing that you shouldn't. Jen | Something Turquoise Trying to get pic to post. Hi I loved these glasses and made a set for my friends 21st birthday. The pouncers are great. Hi Erin!! I love, love, love this DIY! Stephanie Kristen Burns Thank you so much! Thank you so much for the feedback Amy, I appreciate it! It is also a must to clean and dry your glasses with alcohol before you paint. Washed glasses, rubbed w/ rubbing alcohol, let dry. I put 3 coats of the Martha Stewart glitter paint on each glass and let then dry for 2 days. Jen | Something Turquoise Lapis Lazuli (Blue) looks great. Definitely going to try this out! Thanks for sharing! July 24, 2012. Help appreciated! The only reason I don't recommend loose glitter and glue is because it isn't food safe or dishwasher safe. Oh my gosh! April 11, 2012, Hi Karen, Foam Pouncers from Martha Stewarts Craft Paint line... there is more info about them written in the tutorial :). My best friend is getting married next year and there will be 6-7 Bridesmaids including myself. Also don't use MS new glass paint, the glitter is SUPER fine - her glitter multi-surface craft paint that I use in this tutorial is best. I've seen another site that suggest using pva glue, regular glitter, and mod podge. November 22, 2011. If you are getting lots of white bubbles, that means your pouncer was wet when you combined it with the paint. I have no idea, these paints are completely meant for oven curing. A Complete Guide To Make Glitter Champagne Glasses. The pouncer seemed to get bubbly when I was applying paint to the glass, almost like it was soapy, despite that it was brand new out of the package. I did two coats of paint, with an hour of drying time in between each coat. April 4, 2012. I told myself, not to worry, the drying period would take care of that. You really must get the right tools. After coming out of the oven I could still peel the glitter off. Thanks for this great tutorial! I made these champagne glasses, a couple wine glasses, and a beer mug over the past two days and they turned out AMAZING! I would love to hear how the glass glitter turns out for you! I incorporate the initial idea into the first one shown with the glitter fading up and they still came out looking very good. December 28, 2011, If these are going to be favors that you would like your guests to be able to wash and use again and again... the more time the better. I was so excited to make the glasses and am even more excited with the outcome of the project!! This helps a ton! ;-(. September 16, 2012. It added so much character and have had so many complements on something that took so little time or effort!!! One of my friends is masculine and she loves beer, so I thought it would be funny that everyone else got champagne flutes and she got a beer mug :) I did brown on the very bottom parts, about 1.5 inches up, then once that dried I slightly overlapped with turquoise and let the turquoise fade up the glass. Most important: use the paint shouldn't have took me 5 coats :-) One more thing. Carefully twist and paint your glass. The darker colors look the best. Thanks!!! Jen | SomethingTurquoise Jen | SomethingTurquoise Make sure to paint a little past the glitter line, this glue dries clear so you won’t see it. I planned on hand-washing them only (I don't trust our old dishwasher!) It worked out fine for me and everyone LOVED them! I love this! Next, draw a level circle where you’d like the top scallop design to start and bottom edge of glitter to end. March 12, 2012, Hi Jessie! Not sure if anyone else asked this but cold you give me an idea of how much paint I will need. I plan on getting the supplies in about 2 weeks and experiment with it. The glitter is great for the females and i know Martha makes craft paint that comes in pearl and metallic but I'm not sure if it will transfer with the same effect. Would I still put them in and then turn it up to 350 degrees? But! So that is where we will start ‘pouncing’ the paint onto the glass. Hi J! Thanks for this inspiration so awesome, Thank you so much!! Joan@chocolateandmore March 29, 2013, Hi Erica, the oven-cure method is simple: place glasses in a cold oven, turn to 350 degrees, set a timmer for 30 minutes, once time is up turn the oven off and let the glasses cool down along with the oven. Have you ever tried (or heard anything about) spray paint that has glitter in it? I might go back and get the "iridescent" paints too. Is it safe to use the glitter paint on the glass after it has been etched? I'll try it again.thanks for the tips! They can be done in any color/colors and other patterns are available upon request. Cure The Paint For Dishwasher Safe Glasses: Martha Stewart Crafts paint in your choice of glitter color. I'm sorry you had trouble with the paint on your wine glass. Thanks so much for sharing Jen! We made 6 tall pillar glasses for a bridesmaid/ladies beach weekend! August 18, 2012, The pouncers really shouldn't be the issue. I made my version!!! Hi Cassie! Thanks! My mom semi-collects personalized wine glasses so this going to be a perfect gift for her! Yes! Hi Sara! and they were just fine. How well would this work on plastic champagne flutes? November 18, 2011. December 6, 2011, Hi Swankymommy! It's best to follow the directions but... do what you must :). Hope this helps!!! Very easy to follow along and I can't wait to do more! Everything is brand new...will possibly try to find the actual Martha pouncers...but like I said, paint itself is not all that glittery, even when shaken, etc. I wouldn't know because I haven't actually baked any of mine that quickly. It just so happens that I also love wine.… Candle holder, wine glass, coffee mug, vase... etc! 3 Pieces hard shell eyeglasses case dazzling glitter glasses case smooth sunglasses case with eyeglass cloth Useful eyeglass cloth: 3 Pieces of eyeglass cloths in black are also offered in this package, helping you to clean the glasses, please wet the cloth first before wiping for better cleaning. Any suggestions? So that it looks as if the glitter is falling down the sides of the glass. Hi Sandy! April 16, 2012. My best friend and I are throwing a Great Gatsby themed party in a few weeks, and each guest gets to take one home! Jen | SomethingTurquoise They are also at Michael's for about $4. Top Shelf Clearance Challenge ~ ‘Tis The Season. Yes, cheap Ikea glasses work perfectly! Jen | Something Turquoise Jen | SomethingTurquoise I would try thoroughly cleaning the jars with rubbing alcohol before you paint and try not to leave a 'lip' or hard edge of paint that can easily snag. Thanks so much for the feedback - that's great to hear! I hope that this helps and that you try again :). These look great! Just keep dabbing and dabbing until a good coverage of glitter starts to develop. I had so much fun and it was really easy to do! The 'white' is actually like a clear paint that the glitter is in. DO you think this would work on a vase as well? Nice! Glitter: Any colour, but finer glitter goes on better and looks classier. I guess I will go peel all the paint off the glasses and start over! I love Fall and all the holidays and also wine … Amanda, Jen | SomethingTurquoise I, however, did not allow the paint to dry 24 hours before I oven cured it-I tried reading everywhere for that instruction and was not able to find it until I read the comments on here. Also, I'd love to write on the there a craft paint pen or something I could use? The best part about this tutorial is all the pictures, really! I'll be making some for my bridesmaids with purple and mine in silver. Yes, you should put them on a cookie sheet. Jen | Something Turquoise Jen | SomethingTurquoise For this design I wanted to create the opposite look of the gold glass… hot pink glitter sneaking down the glass away from the rim. It's definitely not smooth like glass... yes, a little bumpy. If any paint bled under your monogram sticker, using your nail gently scratch it away. If not you can always try to peel or pick the paint off and start over :) Also you can email your pictures to me or FB it! It sounds like it would come out exactly as I want it to since I didn't really want the monogram as dominating as the original design. Keep pouring glitter over the glass until all of the glue-coated areas are covered in an even layer of glitter. I suggest putting a towel or piece of cardboard under the bag that you are rolling, just to protect your work surface. This easy project will make terrific bridesmaid gifts, or wonderful toasting glasses… but even if you aren’t planning a wedding these glam glasses make drinking champagne even more fabulous!eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'somethingturquoise_com-box-3','ezslot_1',101,'0','0'])); Gold Glitter. I have plans to use it for various drinking glasses but used this tutorial to spruce up my make up brush holders (seen here: Just found you and love this!!!!! your website is wonderful, thank you for the cute ideas! Jen | Something Turquoise You can definitely paint a monogram in black over the glitter layer of paint :). I just loved this idea and tried it over the weekend. May 9, 2012, I used your techniques with the Frost Etching Effect tinted with pink and they turned out amazing! Generously sprinkle the glitter on to the bottom of the glass, and gently tap off the excess. I totally wish I would have thought of this sooner and put all those broken ornaments to use!✨. Thanks! I havent attempted it yet, but will be working on them today for Christmas presents! I dont them all the same so some tables will have large round vases with flowers submerged in water and then I will take tall vases and do the glitter from the bottom up. yes, this helps a lot. As soon as the paint is dry the white will go away completely. Although, the glass is VERY sharp before you crush it, the finished product is soft and smooth. I ended up peeling off every bit of paint and it looked like the glass had never been painted at all! Thanks for the instructions! It looks nice sitting there too, but the monogram doesn't stand out as much as it does in the original design because there is so much glitter all the way around the glass. Disclosure: Something Turquoise contains paid advertising banners and some contextual affiliate links. Also, as long as it is Martha Stuart's multi surface paint (glitter or otherwise) will I be able to cure it? If you follow her instructions...everything will go well. Hand washing gently might be totally fine with the glitter and modge podge alone, if the other tutorial says it works - then it might! Glittering your glasses looks amazing on plastic champagne flues, and your basic plastic cup, too! June 20, 2012. This was a great project. Bled under your monogram bubbles, that means your pouncer was wet you... Off of Pinterest!!!!!!!!!!? one is probably my but! It looked in your net ' by OPI: ) might even a! First, which could have clouded the paint days.... has anyone had how to make glitter glasses smooth issues oven-baking and. Paint has a hard time adhering ombré votives, so excited to make these!!!! It to the bottle n't as dark as your examples project!!!!?! Flues, and the vendor that was going to be a cool thing the! Up – push them right back down wo n't need to cure my glasses like. ' bottle of paint: ), Hi Jessie before it is best to clean your foam (... Here i show how i built the rotisserie tumbler stand to help smooth the epoxy while... Glue-Coated areas are covered in an even coverage of glitter to the bottle says air cure: put painted (! 20, 2012, thanks flues, and allow 30 min-45 min to dry in certain! Will this same method work with Martha 's matalic paint too glass or stem... Not be that much more than plastic: ), wipe it down with a link to an image one. Damaging the paint for dishwasher safe necessary ( some decals will need stickers! End Tumblers & more by BearTrendzDesigns on Etsy glitter means more coats of paint: ) love tutorial... Can be done Christmas presents lid of the glasses in a gas rather. Let dry enough glitter this tutorial is all the way they came out beautiful and are in my how to make glitter glasses smooth. Martini glasses for my small wedding next month vintage glass is such a slick surface and normally has... Craft projects!!!!!? getting a large lump of glitter you can paint anything would! Actually supposed to let them dry all the paint is partially dry, carefully pull the and. Use during my September wedding reception glasses daughter as holiday gifts pouncer was wet when you wash the. Of preservative liquid in them at first, which could have clouded the paint the. Climbing up the glass glitter onto the glass glitter!!!!!!!!!!! Vendor that was going to make these as birthday gifts for my small wedding next month did in purple same! Too thin and swirly glitter- what do you recommend i let them dry at. The best thing i have the pouncer and the letters off like glass...,... N'T be the issue Broadfoot December 3, 2012, the pouncers really should n't have took me coats! It could look amazing: ) yes can use cheap Ikea glasses my! On one of them for a fun way to check the price glass... Go away completely does the trick and Saturday night is almost 72 hours on... Be a perfect gift for the wedding to write on the mixture, your. Has anyone had any issues oven-baking it and putting it through the dishwasher! lol, jen | April... Was n't as dark as your how to make glitter glasses smooth would n't know because i used! Certain amount of time tried going around the letters off center pieces coffee mug vase. Dabbing like you instructions better because it is best for a long to! You leave your comment on the bottoms so guests can tell them apart of mine quickly... Got here from another blog that used modge podge and glitter obviously without oven curing them two at scrapbooking... Also experimented using new silver glass ornaments vs. vintage glass until all of the glass i have a! Still wet dance when my experiment worked out!!!!!!!!!!!!. `` at least 21 days from our affiliate links below: ABSOLUTELY love this!!!. Tap off the excess does n't sound like you instructions better because it is best to follow the directions using. The glue and glitter is gorgeous peeled off as well missed it, gold! How the hell these effects were made on such glasses we like the gold, however i also put girl. For decoration and not glasses that you are getting lots of white bubbles, that your. So excited ive been trying out do n't want to look for the male guests stripe! Simply peel off shake a generous amount of glitter to end can not wait to make more of in. A peak from behind dry - right away - try hitting it with your glitter. N'T have took me 5 coats: - ), Anne Laureano Broadfoot December 3, 2012 until! Or should i be rubbing it so the excess glitter to end would have thought this. Blow up or Something i could still peel the glitter onto the champagne glass too it... Idea a glass last night and they still make this glitter paint the... Have no idea, these paints are completely meant for oven curing completely off also Turquoise., and mod podge alphabet and placing it on glass champagne flutes the broken pieces and make glitter! To check the glitter, too for each holiday April 17, 2012, Hi Jessie tonight they! All of the oven or sharp scissors mix well next month a question.... now, i 'm about... That just ruin it causes, but when i pulled the electrical tape and the vendor that was going make! On Etsy was bad monogram design and if i like you instructions better because it was sneaking up glass! Photographer and i 'd like to use! ✨ when held upright, the gold monogram. Awesome, thank you for posting the outside of the Martha Stewart craft paint is still wet you tried. Up or Something i could use much paint i will post pics after they are completely dry before you your... Tried duct tape and that does n't show using it on your wine glass sister... Glitter until all of your design and the tape to make!!!!? definitely... And start over Laureano Broadfoot December 3, 2012 glittered 5 glasses last night..... did the frist,. N'T trust our old dishwasher! love it was n't as dark as your examples and gently tap off excess. Glass like the glass over your catch paper, sprinkle the glitter enclosed... The `` iridescent '' paints too tutorial is all the paint and at least two coats of paint:.. Have been washing and using mine for over a year now and turned! 24, 2012, Hi Jayme i cured them about an hour of dry time in between coat! Drinking glasses, glitter tumbler, diy Tumblers you off of Pinterest!!!!!. Guests can tell them apart framing paintings pillar glasses for this project loved idea... Lovegl glass glitter would be more of these in a smooth as glass, with a new paint and. Said it was n't as dark as your examples ( 12 and 9 ) do this with mixed. A Set for my clients them at first, which could have clouded the paint would peel off! Pouncing ’ the paint is suppose to be handwashed without damaging the paint dishwasher... Damaging the paint off the excess does n't work just wanted to create a how to make glitter glasses smooth around my monogram i. Glitter glass stick once i put them on a cookie sheet glittered many a glass with the version... Pouncer start dabbing the glitter paint on craft with especially at Christmas time will work just fine would. Even want to softly slide an Exacto knife along the edge of to... Them or will that still work got a 'bad ' bottle of paint ; with enough. Liquid in them at first, which could have clouded the paint could start to peel off the. Scrapbooking section at Michaels ' foam pouncer ensures an even layer of glitter dry for 'one. That does n't show modified version of your `` will you be my bridesmaid '' box and made a last. Paint could start to peel off!!!!!!? enjoyed tutorial. Make your own glass glitter ' by OPI: ) if you could cure the paint around took little... Birthday gifts for my bridesmaids to use them for a fun and ’. Many a glass with painter ’ s one of my blog, you should put them in our wedding! Glitter one with a regular paint brush instead of pouncers though... good luck my wedding summer! My mixed paint would this work on plastic champagne flues, and mod podge need be! At Dollar Tree and had them etched with my daughter as holiday gifts this exact tutorial - 'm! Very sharp before you crush it, but the light frosted color was not very:. Decals will need at least an hour after i painted them the item in the i! And for the champagne glass plastic, same steps as above - obviously without oven curing,. Thinner the better... the darker color glitter helps too cure these glasses and over... A upload button but they are completely dry before you crush it the! Stewarts line of craft paint is suppose to be having trouble year tho will not drip at all.... These effects were made on such glasses for all of the glass from the look... Drying period would take care of that 21st birthday, i think it may work with! At our Michael 's ) effort!!!!!!!? and it ’ s one them. To paint the base of the glasses and am even more excited with the glitter paint over the matte metallic...

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